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Diavola Ⓥ

Diavola Ⓥ

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2 Servings

San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, peperoncini piccanti, chili flakes, tomato paste, EVOO, fennel seeds & salt 

Best Before 
Keeps 2 months (freezer) / 1 week (fridge)

The best & safest way to defrost pasta sauce is to place it in the fridge the previous day and leave it to thaw overnight. You can also place the jar in a bowl of cold water on and give it time, changing the water so it never gets warmer than room temp. I don't recommend defrosting straight up on the counter nor in the microwave.
Once your sauce is defrosted, put it in a pan on a low-medium heat, warm it up, you can add 1tbsp of butter if you'd like a richer sauce. Add your pasta to already warm sauce along with a little pasta water and swirl. Toss to coat and finish cooking 1min.