Free Delivery MTL & Rive Sud


  • I'd like to order pasta, how does it work ?
    You can subscribe to the Pasta Alert (homepage) to get notified or follow @itsonlypasta on IG. I will be doing Pasta deliveries every couple of weeks, don't sleep !
  • When will I receive my order ?
    The delivery is on Monday, between 10am-5pm.
  • Do I need to be present for the delivery ?
    Yes ! The pasta needs to be placed in the freezer right away.
  • Where do you deliver ? 
    Everywhere in Montreal & on the South Shore. 
  • Is there a minimum purchase amount for free delivery ?
    We offer free delivery on orders of 25$ and up - under that amount we do charge a delivery fee. Local delivery is more environment friendly than express shipping frozen foods but still in the spirit of minimizing our carbon footprint we try to set a minimum. 
  • Can I have my order delivered at my office ?
    Yes, indicate the company name & office number in the delivery address. 
  • Can I pick up my order instead ?
    Sadly there's no location for pick-up at the moment. 
  • Do I defrost the pasta before cooking it ? 
    Nope ! You simply add the frozen pasta to boiling water. 
  • How long do I cook the pasta for ?
    Refer to the products descriptions for the proper cooking time.  
  • How long does the pasta keep ?
    3 weeks in the freezer. 
  • How will I receive a merch item I ordered ?
    If you purchased merch only, your order will be shipped to you asap (shipping calculated at checkout). If you ordered other items (food) with the merch, you will then receive it all on the local delivery run. 
  • What if something is wrong with my order ?
    Shit happens ! Reach out to me at we'll figure it out :)